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Web Development

Full Stack Web Development

We work in PHP mostly. We have over 25 years of experience in full stack development and web design. No project is too small or too big. We have worked in WordPress, Laravel, Joomla, MySql, Oracle, many different JavaScript base technologies, Livewire and more.

Laravel & Livewire Logo
Livewire is an awesome front end technologie.
Here is an example of Livewire working with Laravel

I dreamt up this little application. The concept is to show how all is operating by front end technology. Livewire is just another flavor like Vue, Angular or React. Go ahead and play a few races. See how much funds you have left after 10 races. Refreshing the page in your browser will reset the application to default. The game is best viewed when played on desktop, but is fully responsive for mobiles.





Race 1
Race History
Place Bet
Select Bet Type to show horse picks

All bet types are $5.00 each

Win : $25.00
Exactor : $250.00
Triactor : $1000.00
Ticket Info - Race 1

Bet Type:


Funds: $50


Ongoing Client

Formerly known as CPTM, this client had a change of identity to accommodate the bilingual approach of French and English. They are now identified as Magic Triangle or Triangle magique in French. If you look at their logo below, you see the accommodation.

Service rendered to Magic Triangle

  • Design
  • Custom plugin programming
  • Custom template mods for their interest
  • Bilingual Content
  • Virtual Tours (still producing virtual tours)
  • Photography
  • DNS changes and consulting/training on it's operations
  • SEO and Google Analytic

Ben lead all of Magical Triangle's web related project for all of their daycare centres because they love working with Ben!

Visit Magic Triangle Website.

Ben is great to work with! He is very flexible and accommodating, extremely professional and thorough. The end results were exactly what we wanted to add to our website to respond to the growing needs of our clientele. Thank you Ben!

Magic Triangle Team
Data Analyst & Human Resources Administrator
Magic Triangle Logo

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