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MLS Ultimate Multimedia Support Platform

What is MLS Ultimate Multimedia Support Platform

MLS Ultimate Multimedia Support Platform is a realtor's dream for maximizing the exposure of their client's property, designed to be very affective in many different ways. Our multimedia support platform supports various technology that can become very useful, like interacting with potential buyers face to face online, or God forbid during pandemics when gatherings are strongly discouraged. This advanced platform is fully compatible with all resolutions and accommodates from the smallest cell phone, to the full screen desktop.

When you create your multimedia external link on MLS, you can have us hosting the multimedia platform for the property, or we can send you the package to have it hosted on your own web server. The whole package will be 1 single folder that you simply upload to your own server, and voila!! You are done! If I'm not the photographer, simply zip up all the content of your media files and send me the download link. Everything should be ready in 24 hours or less... unless indicated otherwise.

What can this platform do?

  • Photo Galleries
  • Video Galleries
  • 360 Panorama Viewer
  • Full Virtual Tour capabilities, including playing videos inside the tour. E.g. on a television that is in the photo.
    (see living room in the Panorama section of the second demo below)
  • Virtual tour can be optimized for virtual reality when viewed with VR gear
  • Play multiple audio at different locations inside the platform.
  • Give an online guided tour, equivalent to "open house" see video below for more info.

Guided Tour

That video was really interesting! Tell me more!

More about Guided Tours

MLS Ultimate Multimedia Support Platform Demo
Ben Bigras Photography is the photographer for all types of photography inside this demo, except for the video footage, although the production and presentation of the video is also done by Ben Bigras Photography.

Demo for regular media content, usually 1 gallery, and 1 video, panoramas optional View Demo

Demo for extended media content, multiple galleries, and multiple videos. Only 1 of each is showcased in this demo, but you'll get the idea. (panoramas always optional) View Demo

Note: If I'm your photographer, you get this media platform for only $50 extra charge, any version. If you want 360 panoramas, you get 5 panoramas + the platform for ONLY $100!
A house no bigger than 2000 sq/ft you would be looking at less that $400 for everything.

What is "everything"
  • Photography (HDR, or high quality with monolights and speedlights)
  • Drone footage
  • 360 panoramas... up to 5 (really nice to have when wanting to showcase a beautiful room)
  • Ultimate multimedia Platform to link from MLS external multimedia link
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